8. 2. 2018.

Grand Closing Parade of the Rijeka Carnival

All parties, concerts, sports competitions and a variety of costume events at the Rijeka Carnival have been leading up to this day and to the pinnacle of carnival madness – the International Carnival Parade. It will take place on Sunday, 11 February at noon. It has rightfully been dubbed "the crown of carnival festivities” in Kvarner and the wider region. This year's contest of imagination, wit and originality will once again end with a parade of hundreds of floats and thousands of costumed participants. It is an experience that cannot be summed up in words or captured in a few photos or by a single live broadcast. This is why attendance at Korzo is the only way to really understand what makes this event so special. If you are unable to come in person, you can watch the live broadcast of the International Carnival Parade on Kanal Ri or via live stream on Rijeka Carnival's official website. After the last carnival group of the parade has passed by, follows the burning of Pust, which is organised by the Pom-F-Ri group. This will take place at Adamić Pier and after this the festivities will spread across the entire city. In the end, the keys to the city will be returned to the Mayor, but only for safe keeping until next year and the next Rijeka Carnival.

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