3. 2. 2018.

Masked Paris-Bakar Rally will be burning rubber from Rijeka all the way to Bakar on 4 February

The event in which the Rijeka Carnival successfully balances an athletic spirit and pure carnival madness is certainly the Masked Paris-Bakar Rally. This year, a column of “weird octanes" will once againdrive their famous route from the Rijeka Paris to Bakar, and the scheduled date is 4 February. The masked “Paris-Bakar” Rally is a traditional event that has taken place continually since 1990, organised by the “Rijeka” Auto Club as a parody of the world famous rally “Paris-Dakar” and since then has been a supporting sports event of the Rijeka Carnival.

Our Rijeka carnival rally is a unique event of its kind in the world, because the race is driven by masked people in cars and all the participants/competitors, their escorts and referees must be masked, their decorated vehicles being a special highlight. On 4 February, the Rally starts from the Paris of Rijeka at 10:05 AM, arrives at Korzo at around 10:30 AM, after which the car procession moves on to further challenges in Kostrena, followed by a final inspection and another skill test in Bakar.

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