Carnival DJ Session

The Carnival DJ Session is one of the most attractive events of the Rijeka Carnival as it involves costume partying to electronic music all night long. It is the successor to the legendary Carnival Party, which started spontaneously and somewhat accidentally way back in 2000 on the “Millenium Bugs” float, in what was a clear nod to the Berlin Love Parade. The very next year, the Carnival Party entered the official programme of the Rijeka Carnival and remained there until 2011, when the team that organised the CP backed down, which lead to the substitution of the legendary CP with the Carnival DJ Session. The new party, which is organised in cooperation with the Rijeka Tourist Board, has received support from Rijeka DJs, so the event will continue evermore.

The international headliner of the first CDJS in 2011 was Rex The Dog, while a dozen legendary DJs from Rijeka also performed back-to-back sets. The costume party brought life back to the tent on the Karolina Riječka Pier and the Carnival DJ Session has been at home in the one-of-a-kind venue of Ex Port Delta ever since. In addition to a number of Croatian star DJs, the CDJS party series has welcomed a slew of international greats, such as Advent, Industryalizer, Tom Novy, Stefano Noferini, Robert Babicz, Valentino Kanzyani and many others.