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26. 2. 2018.

See you at the Rijeka Carnival 2019!

In 2019 the Carnival period is set from January 17 until March 6.

8. 2. 2018.

Grand Closing Parade of the Rijeka Carnival

All parties, concerts, sports competitions and a variety of costume events at the Rijeka Carnival have been leading up to this day and to the pinnacle of carnival madness – the International Carnival Parade on 11 February

3. 2. 2018.

Carnival Concert Centre at Ex-port Delta

The concert season, which began in January, resumes this month...

3. 2. 2018.

10 Years of Marine Snowboarding

For the past ten years, the Carnival Snowboard Session has brought snow, snowboarders and an avalanche of fun to downtown Rijeka

3. 2. 2018.

Masked Paris-Bakar Rally will be burning rubber from Rijeka all the way to Bakar on 4 February

The event in which the Rijeka Carnival successfully balances an athletic spirit and pure carnival madness is certainly the Masked Paris-Bakar Rally

2. 2. 2018.

Carnival DJ Session – An All-night Costume Party with Electronic Music

This year's Rijeka Carnival features another big Carnival DJ Session that will take place on 3 February at Ex-port Delta with its headliner DJ Kevin Saunderson